DVEpilysis is a software designed for data analysis and video analysis of volleyball matches. DVEpilysis  is recommended for A1 / A2 category teams with an assistant/statistician. It is fully compatible with DataVolley and Click & Scout scouting files.

Just import the scouting file (.dvw),  and DVEpilysis  provides full data analysis and video analysis capabilities. With dynamic technical / tactical analysis forms, all filters available in all codes and the ability to produce video analysis (montage) from two games, DVEpilysis completely replaces other very expensive software solutions. The selection and organization of the phases is done by the  powerful filter tool of Sportsepilysis.



Watch this video:
Detailed presentation of DVEpilysis / Web Conference (GRE 2021)
Aναλυτική παρουσίαση του  DVEpilysis / Διαδικτυακή Ημεριδα 2021

DVEpilysis PRO

DVEpilysis PRO  has the ability for entering new codes:
 a) Threat Position (call) of Middle Blocker (In front of / Far / Behind ) 
 b) Position of Setting (Position where setter accepts the ball)

These codes  gives the coach specialized and unique tactical analysis capabilities. Better quality data means better quality Analysis! 

 Download:  EpilysisPRO/Setter Analysis / 
 Article/Analysis by Nikolareas Paraskevas (former statistician of National Team GRE)

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DVEpilysis© / Annual License (one year) Fee for Windows:  200,00e  
DVEpilysis PRO ©  / Annual License (one year) Fee for Windows:  250,00e