Why do I need to edit a video (montage)?
Volleyball is the first sport that, since the beginning of the 90s, recording, measurement and evaluation using Electronic computers was used. After 2000, video was added, so that data and image can now be combined in one software, which we can describe as statistical analysis and editing software.
All professional teams worldwide have similar software and use it in their daily preparation, while the need for its use is becoming more apparent to all Volley teams.
It is now clear that the training process must be necessarily assisted by reliable statistical data (statistical analysis) but also by an edited and targeted video image (editing).

Video is necessary for the feedback of the players and the coach himself and provides useful information that improves the training process. However, a full video that includes a volleyball match is too long and disinteresting without phases or with match clips that do not contain useful information. Therefore, it is necessary to select those parts of the video (editing or montage) that will provide useful information to the player or the whole team, on specific objects of the sport (individual technique, tactics, mistakes, presentation of the opponent, etc).
The use of video is also extremely useful for younger ages. Correct guidance after watching an opponent's video increases the chances of winning.

To what teams is BaseEpilysis useful? 
BaseEpilysis is useful for all teams but especially for those teams that do not have a scoutman/statistician and cannot use expensive software as Datavolley, Volleystation e.t.c. 

To what teams  is DVEpilysis useful? 
DVEpilysis is useful for those Teams that have a scoutman/statistician who is able to use the software of Dataprojects ("Datavolley" or "Click&scout" or "Essential Application" ).   
DVEpilysis takes the output scouting file (type: .dvw) as input and using its power filter tool it can produce professional-level statistical, tactical and video analysis.

How is the data entry process done? 
The data entry procedure for DVEpilysis is done by a scoutman/statistician using the software of DataProject ("Datavolley" or "Click&scout" or "Essential Application" ).

The data entry procedure for BaseEpilysis is much easier. The user with a mobile phone uses the application "MontageVolley" of SportsEpilysis and the above form. 

It is very important  that the user must clicks at a steady rate during the data entry process. 

Can time or entry corrections and additions be made after data entry?

The software has a correction and synchronization form for all imported files.  
Corrections and additions can be done in total, in parts and per simple action using DVEpilysis.
Time synchronization can be done in total in parts and per simple action  using BaseEpilysis. 




How are the actions included in a montage selected and classified?
The user, using search filters, can always precisely select the subset of actions or rallies they desire.
The sorting option and the duration of the video clips are done using the following subform: 

Is thw match info displayed when the montage is played?
In each action or rally, information about sets, scores and team rotations is displayed in subtitle format.

 Why PRO? (professional version for DVEPilysis) 
DVEpilysis PRO  provides the ability to enter new codes: a) Threat (call) of Middle Blocker (3 positions: far /on /back   and  b)  position of setter while making the pass (23 positions).   

These codes  give the coach specialized and unique tactical analysis capabilities. 
In any case better quality data means better quality Analysis!  
For more informations download the relevant article "Setter Analysis"  return...

What are the hardware specifications?
The DVEpilysis, BaseEpilysis and  ForAllEpilysis  are compatible with all Windows versions (W7, W8, W10, W11).  The software needs  CPU processor >= i3) for fast video processing. 
The software DVEpilysis also needs  Microsoft Access (usually is a part of Microsoft Office).