MatchupEpilysis is a software tool that generates all the possible match-ups of a match.  ΜatcupEpilysis   is the ultimate tactical tool for the volleyball coaches.

The rotation  of a team in relation to the rotation of the opposing team and the possession of the service is called match-up.  There are practically 72 combinations  for starting rotations (lineups) for the teams that result  in  6 match-ups. Each match-up has 12 match scenarios (6 concerning reception/attack and 6 concerning serve/block). In each set, each team plays a specific match-up.  To change the match-up within a set a double setter – opposite hitter swap must be made.

In order for the coach to identify the match-up his team is playing, he can use the tables below.

Each match-up of the teams corresponds to individual match-ups of players.  For example in matchup: M0 the Middle Blocker K1  tries for block against  K1 of the opposing team in all (3) rotations. In contrast, in matchup: M#  K1  tries for block against  the other Middle Blocker called K2  in all rotations.

A team has an advantage if it has balance in all rotations. The coach can thus start in any rotation by checking the match–up with the opponent. If he also knows the habits of the opposing coach (in which rotation he starts) he can work out a match scenario that will lead him to victory by “locking” a certain match-up for the whole match.

In any case, it is very important for the coach at the start of each set to recognize the resulting match-up and immediately give the appropriate instructions.


Volleyball Men's World Championship 2022 
Final match:  ITA-POL
Matchup M0 for Poland



    Rotations and Matchup Analysis  
  Article/Analysis by Sotirios Drikos (former  coatch of National Team GRE)      

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Brief presentation of MatchupEpilysis / Web Conference (GRE 2020) 
Σύντομη παρουσίαση του  MatchupEpilysis / Διαδικτυακή Ημερiδα 2020

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