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BaseEpilysis is the most user-friendly software for video analysis of volleyball games. 
For all coaches and all teams,  especially those without statistician/scoutman or a  lot of resources, which makes video analysis an extremely difficult and time-consuming task.

The free App MontageVolley is used to scout a match online.
In the main form of the App MontageVolley just click and insert the main actions of a game.
Export the scouting file.


BaseEpilysis  imports the scouting file from MontageVolley.
With the  powerful filter tool of BaseEpilysis the video analysis is easier than ever
Produce actions or rallies video clips with a few clicks!
Download now for free until 01/01/2025!

Using the  powerful filter tool of BaseEpilysis, montages like the following examples can be produced:
 Attack per position  (watch in youtube)
 Serve per rotation  (download for better analysis or watch in youtube) 
 Attack after (good or bad) pass (download for better analysis or watch in youtube) 
 Attack in transition (download for better analysis or watch in youtube)
 Rallies of the match (watch in youtube)

♦ In addition the main statistical report of the  setting_distribution is available.

MontageVolley App BaseEpilysis
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Sotirios Drikos
Assistant Professor SPESS/NKUA
ex. Head Coach National Team GRE Male
"BaseEpilysis combines spatiotemporal scouting with video analysis in an application useful for all volleyball coaches and analysts.  The low cost  together with the user-friendly platform makes BaseEpilysis a valuable tool for teams working with minimal or no team staff"

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